Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pandan Kaya Macarons

I mixed some pandan paste and coconut powder into the butter cream. :)


Anonymous said...

Is it the same recipe for the shell but with added colouring? Or you used pandan leaves' juice?

Nice !


Happy Flour said...

Hi Jan,

It the same recipe posted on my previous post, just add pinch of green colouring powder.

sue said...

lovely macaron plus i love kaya lol.
Do u mind directing which recipe did u used for this macarons cause u have quite a few recipes on macarons ,tks

Happy Flour said...

Hi Sue,

I am using Swiss Meringue, it already post on my blog.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Happy Flour,
I think I've addicted reading your blog. I'm very enjoying reading your recipe and pictures. Well, may I know how to make the butter cream?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Kitchen Corner,

Thanks. :) I understand what you meant. Sometime I will visit from blog to blog just to read their blog and admiring their photos.

I am using French Meringue butter cream. You can find it at Aunty Yochana blog. Or you can look it under my blog Labels-buttercream.

Anonymous said...

Your macarons looks wonderful!!! I'm trying this now. Pls wish me luck.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Fanny Wijaya,

Wish you success. :)

Sherry Tan said...

Hi Happy Flour,
May I know which recipe do you use for the pastry?
Thanks - Sherry