Friday, April 3, 2009

Black Sesame Ice-cream

This ice-cream may look awful like black ink but it taste awesome. I like the taste and aroma of the black sesame. :)


Claire said...

Hi Happy Flour,

I LOVE Black Sesame Ice cream...could you post the recipe and you used a Japanese black sesame paste to make? Thank you!

Happy Flour said...

Hi Claire,

Sorry, I can't post the recipe as it come with the Ice-cream Maker. You can make a trip to Sun Lik and ask Mrs Wong whether can she give you a copy of the recipe.

mindy said...

Where's Sun Lik?

Happy Flour said...

Hi mindy,

Sun Lik Trading Pte Ltd
33, Seah Street, Singapore 188389. (opposite Raffles Hotel and near
Bras Basah Complex; the store is located along the row of shops which houses Casa Bom Vento,
Sin Swee Kee Chicken Rice and Soup Restaurant)
Tel : 6338 0980
Fax : 6339 2685

Opening Hours : Mon to Fri 9.00am to 6.30pm
Sat 9.00am to 6.00pm
Closed on Sunday & Hoilday

Carrie said...

Hi Happy Flour,

Wow, Sesame Ice-cream.. I can imagine the lovely taste of it! I love sesame paste.. So I guess this must be the creamy-ier, richer, colder and yummier version!

Well done!!


Happy Flour said...

Hi Carrie,

Ya, this is creamy and very yummy.

Kathryn said...

Hi Happy Flour,

Is the bottle featured next to your ice cream Black Sesame Paste? May I know where I can buy that?


Happy Flour said...

Hi Kathryn,

You can get it from Sun Lik.