Sunday, April 19, 2009

To My Fellow Reader

Dear Reader,

Thanks for visiting my bog. If you like to leave your comment regarding my older post, do try to post it at my recent post. As sometime, I can't find the comments some of you had posted. I will try my best to answer all your comments.

Happy baking. :)


Sally said...


Cook.Bake.Love said...

Hi Happy Flour,

Just to share, probably you may know this too. You may get comment notification via email.

Go to Settings, click on Comments tab, scroll down to the end - Comment notification email.


Happy Flour said...

Hi Sally,

Thanks so much for your information.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Cook.Bake.Love,

Thanks so much for your help. I will give this a try. I am not good in computer. So every time if I need to change or add anything on my blog, I need my hubby to do it for me. :( Baking I can manage but not computer.
So envy on some of the blogs, so creative and beautiful decorated.

Small Small Baker said...

Hi Happy Flour, you can enable comment moderation. Then whenever you get new comments, you click sort by "Post Name", and you will know which post the comment comes from. :)

Happy Flour said...

Hi Small Small Baker,

Thanks so much. Can you explain where and how to do it. Computer Blur
Queen here, don't know how? :(

Small Small Baker said...

Hi, I think you have already enabled comment moderation. So let's say you have 1 new comment, on your Dashboard page, you will see "1 comment needs to be moderated" right? Click the "1 comment" link.

On that page, on top, you will see "Unreviewed Comments (Sort: Post Name, Comment Date)". By default, all your comments will be sorted by Comment Date. You just need to click "Post Name" and you will see the source of all your comments.

I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say. Hehe! :)

Happy Flour said...

Hi Small Small Baker,

Thanks you so much for your help. I already made the changes on my comment moderation. This is easy then I thought. Great thanks to you. :)