Monday, March 23, 2009

Pandan Almond Tartlette

For this I added a layer of Pandan topping. It is the same topping which I used for the Pandan Mexican Buns. :)


Kitchen Corner said...

Added the green for topping really make the little tarts look pretty! You are creative enough!

Happy Flour said...

Hi kitchen Corner,

Thanks for your compliments.

Doris said...

Look yummy. How about the bottom part, what is it?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Doris,

It is almond filling, same as the Almond Tartlette.

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Flour,

This looks delicious. Care to share this recipe. Thanking you in advance.


evelyn chia said...

Hi Happy Flour,
care to share this recipe,look forward more for your great creation.Thanks in advance!
email :

Happy Flour said...

Hi Penangites & evelyn chia,

You can find Almond Tart recipe in Alex Goh 'Fruity Cakes' bakery book.
As for the topping just cream 50g butter and 40g sugar together, beat in 45g egg, 50g flour and some pandan paste to form smooth batter. And pipe it on the 70% filled tart.

evelyn chia said...

Hi happy flour,
Good days...... thanks for your reply.

evelyn chia

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy flour,
just to know - Do you bake the almond filling then add topping to bake again and bake for how long / temp? would appreciate for your reply. Thanks in advance..


Happy Flour said...

Hi annabelle,

I bake it together at 175C for 20-25mins.

Carrie said...


That's very creative of you to come up with this! Amazing!


Happy Flour said...

Hi Carrie,

Thanks for your compliment.

vincent said...


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Happy Flour said...

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your invitation.

JLSP said...

yesterday i went to popular bookstore to search for the book, but cannot find it. I will appreciate if you can post the recipe of the almond filling.

Many Thanks

Happy Flour said...


Sorry, I will not post this recipe. As I learned this from Aunty Yochana class. You can find Alex Goh recipe book at any OG shopping centre too.