Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pandan Kaya Mexican Buns

For the topping, I used Coffee Mexican Buns topping. I just omitted the coffee powder and paste. And replaced it with pandan paste. As for the filling, it the same pandan kaya filling used for the Pandan Kaya Swiss Roll. This is really good. :)


youfei said...

Hi Happy flour,

I made mexican coffee buns couple of days ago. I realised the topping turned soft after a few hours.

Does your turn soft too? I was superb when fresh out of the oven cos it was crisp and nice. With the soft fluffy buns. but yea, the topping turned soft after few hours.


卡珞 said...

Hi Happy Flour.. It is so nice to realize your blog! I wish to learn from you as I also want to bake for my honey!

lilyng said...

what an appropriate post. all green on st patrick's day. lovely buns

Happy Flour said...

Hi youfei,

Mine also have the same problem. But mine turned soft and sticky the next day.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Ka Ge,

Thank for your kind words.

Happy Flour said...

Hi lilyng,

Thanks. What is St Patrick's day? Sorry, I am not a Christian so not aware of this day.

Kitchen Corner said...

hey.. something new here! I never think of roti boy can change the flavor to pandan flavor! You're super!

Happy Flour said...

Hi Kitchen Corner,

Thanks. Actually, I copycat from Aunty Yochana blog. My mum like the instant cook kaya very much so I bake this for her.

LayChoo said...

Yummy, yummy... You making the plain one? BTW, the pandan kaya you gave me, I finished half already.

Happy Flour said...

Hi LayChoo,

Ok lah.

Anonymous said...

Hi happy flour,
would you share the Coffee Mexican Buns & Pandan Mexican Buns with filling recipe to mi? hope to learn more great recipe from you.
Thank you .... Thank you!!

email : heok_chia@yahoo.com.sg

Happy Flour said...

Hi Heok,

You can use the Sweet Bun Dough recipe (Raisins Buns) from my bread corner. For the Coffee Mexican Buns the filling is just butter. For the Pandan Kaya Mexican Buns, you can use any kaya spread. As for the topping just cream 50g butter and 40g sugar together, beat in 45g egg, 50g flour and some pandan paste to form smooth batter. And pipe it on the shaped dough.

Anonymous said...

hi can u email me the recipe for this?


Thank u

FantasyElf said...

Wow i didnt know that you can use pandan too! Mmmm, can I please have the recipe? jenniferbqlau@gmail.com thank you very much!

Christine Ang said...

Dear Happy Flour,

I wish to have the recipe of the pandan kaya filling as it look nice.

Kindly emial to me at: christineang6823@yahoo.com.sg

Thank you so much.

Best Regards
christine Ang