Friday, May 21, 2010

Tube Pan

Some of you has asked me, why is my chiffon cake is so nicely brown and is it due to the tube pan I used? So today I posted the image of the tube pans which I used all this while. The one on the left is 21cm (chiffon cake uses 4 to 5 eggs) and the right is 20cm (chiffon cake uses 3 to 4 eggs).

I think the answer lie on the oven or maybe my oven (above 12years old) heating element is old, so it heat up very fast and caused the cake to brown easily. As I had ever tried baking chiffon cakes and cakes using lower temperature for longer time (an extra 5-10mins more than the usual baking time) and the result still the same.


Ajemi said...

Haha! last night I was thinking about Gula Melaka Chiffon cake and searched the website and this is how I chanced upon your blog. Wat a coincidence. :) You baked it today.

Just like to know how does it taste like? As for Pandan chiffon, it has the distinctive taste of pandan and coconut. Does the Gula Melaka chiffon has that Gula Melaka taste similar to those they use for Ice Chendol? I usually will buy my Gula Melaka from Malacca cos it's very genuine and aromatic. Not sure if I use that, will it have the strong aroma.

Am down with flu, so really dun have the mood to bake it. I've still got a huge cake in the fridge. So I dun my family wants another in such a short interval.

Irene's Footprints said...

Hi Happy Flour

Ya..think your oven is very obedient lei..give you nice crust.

I have a black chiffon gives slightly brown crust compared to the aluminium. are also skilful in removing the chiffon cake from the tin...the crusts stay intact. How you did it? After it is completely cooled down, does the cake drop from the tin?


Happy Flour said...

Hi Ajemi,

Sorry to hear that you are down with flu. The weather is really unpredictable so a lot of people are sick. It better to drink penalty of water so to detoxify the body system.

This chiffon cake has a light smell and taste of gula melaka.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Irene's Footprints,

Thanks for compliment my oven. Actually, I'm quite worry that my oven is going to retire soon. Hopefully not!

Sometime when I'm in a hurry, I will remove the cake while it is warm. Chiffon cake will not drop from it pan when it cool.

Place the chiffon pan on it side and slip a shape knife into the side of the cake. Press the knife against the pan and slowly slide the knife around the cake. You have to rotate the pan while doing so. Repeat the same for the base and center of the cake. Don't bother about the crust just do it and after a few times you will know the tactic.

DG said...

You said Chiffon cake will not drop from it pan when it cool. It never happened to me. As I don't have any crust for my chiffon, sometimes, it may fall off by itselft within 10 minutes. It almost ruin my cake. :( Hahahahaha ..... so scary isn't it?

Happy Flour said...

Hi DG,

I had baked so many chiffon cakes, they don't fall off from the pan at all. Should be the meringue is under whisk so it can't hold the cake during cooling. If you did whisk the meringue till stiff peak and you didn't grease the pan then I really don't know why???

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Flour, Thanks for the information on tube pans. I bought one in Sydney recently (they only had one size which is a 24 cm). Can you help with improvising a recipe for a 24 cm pan?
Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Anonymous,

Your 24cm tube pan require a chiffon cake recipe uses 5-6 large eggs.

Use the number of eggs in the chiffon cake recipe to calculate a recipe suitable for your chiffon pan. E.g. A recipe uses 3eggs, what you do is divide the amount of ingredients individually (flour, sugar, liquid, etc.) in the recipe by 3 then multiply by the number of eggs you use (e.g. 5eggs).

You may need to increase the liquid slightly, if not your chiffon cake will be dry. You also have to increase the baking time 5-10mins extra.

Hope this helps. :)

NagaRaj Raj said...

good post