Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crispy Preserved Beancurd Chicken Pieces ( 豆腐乳酥炸鸡块 )


3nos boneless chicken thigh

1/2tbsp chopped garlic
2pcs preserved beancurd (豆腐乳)
1tbsp honey
1tbsp light soya sauce
1 egg

Flour Coating (mixed)
5tbsp rice flour
5tbsp tapioca flour

1. Rinse the chicken meat and cut into pieces.
2. Mash the preserved beancurd and mix with all the marinate ingredients.
3. Marinate the chicken pieces for 1 to 2hrs.
4. Strain the marinated chicken pieces.
5. Coat the chicken pieces with the flour mixture.
6. Deep-fry in hot oil over medium heat for 5mins, then dish out.
7. Reheat the oil over high heat until very hot.
8. Put the chicken pieces back into the hot oil again and fry until crispy and golden browned.
9. Dish out, drain well and serve hot. ( Sprinkle some chilli powder over it and it will taste even better.)

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