Friday, August 6, 2010

Comment and Reply

Two days ago, I had received a comment from Joyce. She commented on my blog layout ("your header photo is a bit blurry and bland. You should add more color and pazzaz.") and how I should put in more words than just photos and recipes. Lastly, she also requested not to post her advice. I respected her request and I do like to thanks her for her advice.

However, I must share my thought on what she had commented. Everyone had their own view and opinion on how theirs and others blog looks and layout. I'm very happy with my header and my blog layout, so for the moment I will not make any changes to it.

I'm not sure whether did you read my past posts. I do provide details on my bakes when I think it is necessary. In future I will try to write a bit more but I'll still preferred readers to leave questions on the comment corner where I can answer specific questions then for me to post irrelevant information on my blog. And I also preferred to spend more time on researching and testing out recipes.

My blog and blogging is only a small part of my daily routine. So I wanted to keep it simple and easy for me to manage. Please try to understand my points.


Elyn said...

Please do not be discourage by these kinda comments. Strange that if she is so ready to share her comments, why she didn't want it to be publish? I also suppose she must have a beautiful blog with pretty pictures and very informative. Others who dont keep a blog do not know the effort to put in each entry and the willingness to share trial and tested recipe, just want to tell you you're doing great! It's your blog so do it how you like and not be affected by others.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Elyn,

Thanks for your encouragement. :)
I don't blame her. Some may only concern on the outlook of a product what I'm more concern is the product I produced, it not only presentable and also edible.

busygran said...

I enjoy reading your blog as it is! At least when your blog page comes on each time, I know whose blog I'm reading cos I'm familiar with it.
Keep it up! :)

sangeeta said...

True , we come to a blog for the products and not for the presentation.....though presentation can be polished to any limits .

BTW , i like the content as well as the look of your blog.

Happy Homebaker said...

Do what you like, as long as you feel comfortable about it, it is your blog. I agree with you that the product has to be edible, most importantly you cook, bake for your family, this is what matters most.

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Hi Happy Flour, I think your blog is great, as long as you are comfortable and like it, doesnt matter abt others esp each has individual view and taste.

Esther said...

I still love your blog nevertheless. I agree that everyone has their own way of blogging. Some people like to write some stories, others just recipe and pictures. As long as it has good recipes then I think the blog is good enough. Also, people always ask you questions and you answer them. :) You're a good blogger, keep it up. It's always fun for me to see what you bake too. Don't feel down because of what happened. However, just for reference, if you ever decide to change your header (you don't need to, it looks fine to me) picnik is a really easy way to make headers.

Sylvia said...

You should ignore her. A blog is a personal space and readers should feel priviledge that the blogger is sharing his/her private space. If she's not happy with the layout/header or whatever, she can choose not to visit or go somewhere else more "appealing" to her.

I have been reading your blog for sometime now and I enjoy it. Keep up the good work!

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Sometimes, I wonder why are some people critical of other's blogs.
blogs are own spaces as we do what we like with them.
Not everybody can take super pics, as long as the chicken looks like chicken or muffin looks like muffin okla. Why does she want to say your pics are blur la, or you don't write much. It's your blog, your space, just tell only what you feel like telling and keep whatever you want to. No need to oblige to her call.

Well, maybe she doesn't know what some readers like it short and simple rather than with long grandmother's story.

I like your blog, just keep it up the way you like it.

Anonymous said...

Hi happy flour.
Yes, please don't be bothered about the comments. Let them have their own say and if they have a blog, they can do whatever they want and to respect others.Just like, we can't step into other people's house and comment "Eh, you should add more pictures on your wall, and paint blue for your balcony, put more plants and flowers here and there.. etc"

In fact, pictures paint a thousand words. I for one, look at your food pictures and then decide the bake it. haha..
Your pictures are very nicely taken, simple, having your own unique style and taste!
You have also spent alot of time taking the pics and perfecting them, before putting in your blog.

I have been wanting to start a blog, but know it's not easy.. the time taken etc..

Please continue your great work!

Oh yes, btw, what is coconut powder? I wanted to make the pandan sponge cupcakes, but can't guess what coconut powder is. Thanks dear!
aunty Anne

joyceyvonna said...

Don't be so discouraged! I think you're blog is already really great. You have wonderful recipes and the pictures often look like they come from bakeries :)

DG said...

Just don't listen to what other say. Each blog have their own style of writing. Frankly speaking, I learn a lot from your blog, and you are always willing to share your baking technigue with us. I will always your supporter :)

Happy Flour said...

Hi Busygran, Sangeeta, Happy Hombaker,
Jess, Ester, Sylvia, Wendyywy, Joyceyvonna and DG,

Thanks everybody for your encouragement words. :)

Like what some of you had mention, this is my blog I will do it my way. The way I want it and the way I like it.

Another great big thanks for all your supports. :)

Happy Flour said...

Hi Aunty Anne,

Thanks for your supportive words. :)

Coconut powder(instant coconut cream powder) is coconut milk in powder form. You can get this from any supermarket.

Yummy Koh said...

Dont be affected by negative comments. Some people are just too free with nothing to do or probably jealous.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Yummy Koh,

Thanks. :)

Honey boy said...

This is your blog, you know what is best and what you want! Other's ideas he or she can keep to themselves. I will always come by and enjoy your sharing!! Jia you!!

Small Small Baker said...

Just to let you know that even though I seldom leave comments, I'm a great fan of your blog and follow through all your posts. Please don't be bothered by this comment and keep baking and sharing with us your bakes ok. :)

Happy Flour said...

Hi Honeyboy and Small Small Baker,

Thanks, I will continuous sharing with everyone my bakes. Happy baking. :)

Anncoo said...

I love reading your blog before I started mine. I also prefer posts to be simple and short. As long as we are comfortable with, just don't bothered about the comments.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Anncoo,

Thanks, I love your blog too. :)

Yan said...

its not the layout nor patternz of your blog page, but the bakes, the final end product which draws me to visit your blog whenever time permits....(in other words, your bakes makes me go 'wow' and droolz)

continue the passion in your own unique way and share your lovely bakes...

Happy Flour said...

Hi Yan,

Thanks for your words of encouragement. It meant a lot to me. :)

lena said...

hi happy flour, your blog's name seems familiar to me. I was googling on agar agar mooncake a while ago and that's how it brought me to your wonderful blog and happened to see this posting. Like what the rest said, this is your own blog, you created it, do whatever you like. When we allow comments from readers, we just got to be prepared whether it's good or bad. I know we feel bad sometimes when we see comments which are not encouraging but that doesnt matter, people come and go. We cant please everyone. I just started mine about 2 weeks ago and i think mine is very plain looking and also no story..still studying the gadgets. i'm not very familiar with the buttons and so one. btw, this is my 2nd time typing this, i pressed the wrong button just now. Anyway, i think your blog is great and you got nice pictures here and nice swiss rolls too!

Happy Flour said...

Hi Lena,

Thanks for your kind words. :)

I'm also not so familiar with the blog gadgets and internet stuffs. Most of the time is my Hubby who help me out and sometime I learnt it from my blog friends.

Your blog may be simple but you have very nice bakes which already add elements and beautify your blog already. Happy baking. :)