Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Steamed Malay Cake (马来糕)

I added in a few more drops of colouring after the last stage of mixing and it resulted a strong yellowish 马来糕. :(


3 eggs
110g caster sugar
1/4tsp salt
125g Hong Kong flour
20g custard powder
1tsp baking powder
1/2tsp baking soda
1/4tsp vanilla paste
65g veg. oil
few drops of yellow food colouring

1. Sift flour, custard powder, baking powder and baking soda together and set aside.
2. Whisk eggs, salt and sugar together until thick and fluffy.
3. Lightly fold in flour into egg batter.
4. Cover and rest for 45mins.
5. Mix vanilla paste, colouring and oil together.
6. Lastly fold in oil mixture into batter until well blended.
7. Fill well greased moulds with cake batter till full.
8. Arrange moulds in steamer.
9. Steam in a preheated steamer over medium high heat for 30mins.
10.Remove cake from mould and cool it on a wire rack.

Note: It important to well greased the moulds for cakes to rise tall. If not the cakes will stick to the mould and result a heavy texture.


~Kate~ said...

这个可以用paper cup 来装吗?

Anonymous said...

lovely looking! just like those being sold at dimsum shops! where did you get those moulds from?

Ann@Anncoo Journal said...

So pretty! How many cakes are there in this recipe?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Kate,


Happy Flour said...

Hi Travellingfoodies,

I bought it quite a few years back from an old shop which is having a closing down sale.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Anncoo,

Thanks, this recipe yield about 9 cakes.

sotong said...

you malay cake looks so so good! i can't help but to oooh and aaahh over it!

Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love said...


Are u using plastic mould? Looking at the picture I have the similar shape one but it's made of plastic so I am not sure if it's safe for steaming. I like ur Ma Lai ko exactly the same as those sell in dim sum restaurant.

Small Small Baker said...

Pretty colour! Too bad AB for kueh is over!

Happy Flour said...

Hi Sotong,

Thanks. :) Don't drooling already lah, try out this recipe and you can enjoy it.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Angel,

Yes, this is plastic mould which is safe for steaming but not baking.

Happy Flour said...


Thanks. :) Hehehe...looking at AB round up really made me drooling over those delicious post. I'm still enjoying making kuehs...

Anonymous said...

oooh yumm!! Would love to try this recipe! From all the Ma La Gao I've seen, this looks closest to the ones sold in Teck Kee Pau!! (if memory serves me right, that place sells Ma Lai Gao even though it's not their specialty)

omg I miss that place so much!! :(

- Sammie

Happy Flour said...

Hi Sammie,

I can't said the texture is the same as the Ma La Gao sold at the dim sum store but you wouldn't regret after you try it.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

I tried this cake in HKG recently, don't really appreciate it, maybe that shop did not make good malay cake..I must try your recipe one day.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Sonia,

I had tried Dim Sum Restaurant Ma La Gao, their was very soft and fluffy should be they add Sponge Gel. Whereas I bought Ma La Gao from hawker centre Dim Sum store their is more like Ji Dan Gao. So I don't really know what is the actual taste and texture of Ma La Gao.

Sweetie Yukari said...

may i know when can i get hong kong flour?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Yukari,

You can use cake flour/low protein flour instead if you can't get Hong Kong flour.

Daphne said...

I love this so much and used to have this every time I am having dim sum in Malaysia, thanks for the recipe!

Edel said...

Hi! I wish to inquire if you have the recipe post on the second topmost picture in your blog header. Thanks so much! :)

Happy Flour said...

Hi Edel,

Sorry, I don't know which one are you referring to. Maybe you can look though the post on steam cake.