Friday, October 30, 2009

Computer & Modem Down :(

Hi reader,

Sorry for the late reply on all your comments posted. As for the past few days my computer and modem are under servicing. :( Now they are both back in good shape so I can resume my blogging. :)


Kate said...

Hi Happy Flour,
好久不见,还记得我吗?哈哈。我看到你做的kek pandan bakar mini 很美,我经常有买来吃,做这种kek 时,看了食补上的烘法,有些不明白,你能在告诉我详情吗?不是用oven 烘?是用gas 来烘的?可以用oven 吗?我还没买这个模型。买到后一定要试。这种模型也很贵对吗?做一次要用几个才够?



Happy Flour said...

Hi Kate,

Sorry, I have to type in English as my hubby changed the Chinese software which I don't know how to use.

I used stove to cook the kek pandan bakar mini. You have to be careful as it will burn very easily. I only filled the outer part of the mould with batter as the center part always get burn. Unless you used those electrical table top stove then the mould can be heated up evenly. Buy one mould is enough. You should be able to buy the copper/brass mould from Malaysia easily, which is better. I felt that my metal mould is not so good as it get heat up to fast and certain part of the kek is not brown nicely or cook.

Can you help me to check whether is it cheaper to buy those copper/brass kueh bulu mould from Malaysia. I wanted to buy one to make kueh bulu for new year. As it very expensive here. Hope to meet up with you girls again. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

谢谢你。这样看来我可能考虑买电的模型。如果我有过去马国,我会留意。我看过这里卖一个模型大约十多元,是很贵,所以我至今都还没买。我试了你的honey cookies,孩子都说很好吃,我也喜欢,谢谢你。再来我要试你的chesse chiffon cake.

这是我的msn ,有机会可以上来聊聊!


Happy Flour said...

Hi Kate,

不用客气.:) 如果电的模型好用,请跟我说. 我也要买一个.