Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello Kitty Strawberry Torte


1 sheet of vanilla sponge 10" x 13"
2 sheets of strawberry sponge 10" x 10"

80g strawberry jam
50g water
1tbsp sugar
1tsp strawberry paste

1 1/2tbsp gelatine
50g water

200g whipping cream (whipped)
150g strawberry yoghurt

Sponge cakes:
1. Peel off the top crust of the sponge cakes.
2. Trim of the four edges of the vanilla sponge.
3. Cut out two long strips about height 2.5inches.
4. Place it around a 7inches round tin and trim away excess.
5. Remove it from tin, use a cookie cutter and cut out shapes on the long strips.
6. Use the same cookie cutter and cut out the same shape from the strawberry sponge.
7. Remove the cut out shapes from the vanilla sponge.
8. Brush some jam around the strawberry cut out sponges and fit it into the vanilla sponge.
9. Place it around the tin.
10.Use the strawberry sponge, cut out two more round shapes for the base and set aside.

1. Boil (A) together until sugar dissolved and stir in the strawberry paste.
2. Double boiler (B) together until gelatine dissolved.
3. Mix (A) and (B) together and set aside to cool.
4. Use a hand whisk and stir (C) into the strawberry mixture.

Assemble cake:
1. Place a strawberry round sponge into the base of the tin.
2. Scoop the strawberry mousse over it until half filled.
3. Place another sponge over it.
4. Scoop the rest of the mousse over the sponge.
5. Smooth the surface and chill it in the fridge until set.


Honey Bee Sweets said...

So lovely! Thanks for sharing this! ;)

Anncoo said...

So cute! I also bought these cutters from e's joie.

Alice said...

Hello Happy Flour,

Wow! lovely cake, so pretty & sweet:)


Claire said...

VERY Cute!!! How creative of you to make this!

Happy Homebaker said...

What a pretty torte you have made!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The Hello Kitty so cute, how u do it?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Honey Bee Sweets, Anncoo, Alice, Claire, Happy Homebaker and Somewhere in Singapore,

Thanks for all your compliments.

Sally said...


Happy Flour said...

Hi Sally,

谢谢,你的夸奖。 我也祝你和家人端午节快乐。

DG said...

Your Kitty Strawberry so cute. Thanks for sharing it, I learn a lot from you. :)

DG said...

Forget to say, I like your new looks. ;)

Happy Flour said...

Hi DG,

Thanks for your nice words. So sad,:( I accidentally deleted all my side bar widget after I changed my new template. Now I have to re-install them back one by one.

Kitchen Corner said...

wow.. this is really pretty cake! You are so creative!!

Happy Flour said...

Hi Kitchen Corner,

Thanks for your compliment.