Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chocolate Soufflé Cake


3 egg yolk
1/2 egg (about 30g)
15g sugar
1/4tsp salt
50g chocolate milk
35g veg. oil
40g cake flour
1tbsp cocoa powder

3 egg white
55g sugar
1/4tsp cream of tartar

1. Preheat oven to 150C.
2. Line base of a 7" loose base square tin with grease proof paper and wrap base and surrounding with foil, set aside.
3. Sift flour and cocoa powder together, set aside.
4. Mix milk and oil together, set aside.
5. Use a hand whisk mix egg yolks, half egg, sugar and salt together.
6. Add in liquid mixture and whisk till combined.
7. Add in flour mixture and stir until batter is smooth.
8. Use a cake mixer, whisk egg whites and cream of tartar till frothy.
9. Gradually add in sugar and whisk till soft peaks form.
10.Fold in 1/4 of the meringue into the egg yolk mixture until combined.
11.Then fold in the rest of the meringue lightly in two portions until well combined.
12.Pour cake batter into prepared cake tin.
13.Placed batter filled cake tin into another bigger cake tin.
14.Steam-bake cake in a preheated oven for 55mins.
15.Remove cake at once from tin and cool it on a wire rack.

How you can easily remove cake from a loose base cake tin.
-Use a sharp knife and loosen sides of the cake from the tin.
-Place cake tin on a tall glass.
-Slowly push the cake tin down.

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xing hui said...

This cake is so soft and light.