Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wan Goh Kueh (豌 仔 糕)

At last I succeed. :) This is my third tried. First time, the tapai didn't ferment properly and I suspect the problem lie on the wine yeast. :0 Second time, I follow the steps to the drop; fermenting the rice for 2 days then mixing and rising again. But still can't get it right. There were some semi-soft grain of rice flowing in the batter and the steamed kueh is soft on top but wet and heavy inside. :( So I go back to the recipe book, study it again and do some research at 'Do What I Want' blog. This time I make some changes on the ingredients and steps. Wah-lah! Smiling Wan Goh Kueh. Satisfy. :)


5g wine yeast (milled to powder)
1/2tbsp sugar
200g steamed rice (must be soft)

300g rice flour
145g fine sugar
400g water
60g tapai
1 1/2tsp double action baking powder
1tbsp 'Eno' fruit salt

1. Mix rice, wine yeast and sugar together.
2. Cover and set aside to ferment for 3 days.
( After 3 days the rice grain should be soft and puffy. It should smell and taste like wine.)

1. Boiled sugar and water together until sugar dissolved.
2. Set aside to cool.
3. Mix rice flour, syrup, tapai and 1tsp of baking powder together.
4. Stir well until combined.
5. Cover and set aside to rise for 12-15hrs.
6. Add another 1/2tsp of baking powder and fruit salt into the batter.
7. Stir well and set aside for another 10mins for the batter to settle down.
8. Add in any food colouring of your choice.
9. Pour the batter into lined cups until 90% full and steam at high heat for 30mins.
10. Remove and cool on a wire rack.


Anonymous said...

U should blend the tapai and sieve it

Happy Flour said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for your advice. This step was not mentioned in the recipe. When I went to the book shop and read on Y3K cookery book then I found out I should do the step which you mentioned.

Thanks once again.


Anonymous said...

Hello Happy Flour so happen to come accross ur blog and so happy to see so many delicious recipes of urs. Can i ask if u have any huat kuih recipe using rice flour and coconut milk.Thank u very much and a Happy New Year to you.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your compliment. Sorry I don't have the recipe which you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Hi HF,
Can I check with you where can I get tapai and wine yeast? Thanks


Happy Flour said...

Hi Lisa,

You can buy wine yeast from Chinese Medicine Shop which sell herbal. For tapai, you have to ferment cooked rice with wine yeast.