Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Milo Agar-agar Mooncake

I prefer to use the 'Rose' brand agar-agar powder as it is easily dissolved and take a shorter time to set.


Egg yolk
190g water
40g sugar
1tsp agar-agar powder
1tbsp fresh milk/evaporated milk
few drops of egg yolk yellow food colouring

200g water
40g sugar
1 1/2tsp agar-agar powder
3tbsp milo powder
50g evaporated milk

370g water
50g sugar
2 3/4tsp agar-agar powder
50g evaporated milk
1tsp milo powder

Egg yolk:
1. Boil water, sugar and agar-agar powder together until sugar and agar-agar powder dissolved.
2. Remove from fire and stir in the milk and colouring.
3. Pour into the ice-cube mould and leave it to set.

1. Boil water, sugar and agar-agar powder together until sugar and agar-agar powder dissolved.
2. Remove from fire and stir in the milk and milo powder.
3. Strain and pour it into the mould.
4. Place an egg yolk into the agar-agar.
5. Leave it to set.
6. Remove agar-agar from mould, use a fork and scratch on it surface. (This allow the filling to stick onto the pastry.)

1. Boil water, sugar and agar-agar powder together until sugar and agar-agar powder dissolved.
2. Remove from fire and stir in the milk and milo powder.
3. Strain.

Assemble the agar-agar:
1. Pour the pastry mixture into the mould about 1/4 full.
2. Let it half set then place the filling onto the agar-agar.
3. Fill up the mould with the agar-agar mixture.
4. Leave it to set and chill in the fridge.
5. Loosen the side of the agar-agar, invert it and gentle press the agar-agar out of the mould.


Anonymous said...

Your agar-agar mooncake looks very pretty! :)
Would like to try soon.

May I know where you get the egg jelly mould & the plastic agar-agar mould? How much does each cost? (if you don't mind)

BTW, may i know where you get all the salted egg yolks?

Thanks & Regards,

Happy Flour said...

Hi cmh,

I bought those mould from Sun Lik, 33, Seah Street. It just opposite Bras Brasah Complex and which is beside Raffles Hotel.

The Agag-agar mould cost $2.50, however I have forgotten the price for the ice-cube mould.

You can try Phoon Huat for salted egg yolks.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your info! :)


dennis-cynthia said...

hi, im from indonesia. im amazed by ur agar2 mooncake.im goig to be in spore for 2 days..and would like to purchase the moulds..where is the place to buy baking stuff in spore? im not a baker-but would like to try it sometime! is the agar mooncake easy to make for dummies like me?tx and tx 4 sharing the info..

Happy Flour said...

Hi Dennis-Cynthia,

You can get from mould from Sun Lik or Kitchen Capers. You can check their address from the internet. The mould is the same as those normal agar-agar mould, it very easy to remove jelly from the mould.

sushi said...

hihi, can i check with you, for the "egg yolk" you use the ice cube mould.

If i see correctly, each of the ice cube mould is half shape. So does it mean to make a mooncake jelly, you need two ice cube "egg yolk".

Pls advise.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Sushi,

For the egg yolk ice cube mould, it come with a base and cover. Fill up the base with the agar-agar mixture, then put on the cover and chill till set.

sushi said...

Hi Happyflour,

I still don't quite get it. The base as I see from the photo above is half-sphere egg in shape.

How do you make it a sphere egg?


Happy Flour said...

Hi Sushi,

I think you will understand what I meant after you see the mould. You can get it from Sun Lik.

sushi said...

Thanks for your time and info. Will make a trip down and find the mould. :)

Nice day ahead.

dennis-cynthia said...

hi...its me again cynthia from indonesia. i went to sunlik last weekend and i was unable to get the egg yolk mould! next time you are there, do you mind cking for me..then maybe i can trouble my aunt to get it for me...i also called phoon huat, they dont have it either =(
btw there is this plastic cookie jar that iam in love with..they use it at fullerton hotel, jolly bean..do you know where i can get them?? thanks soo much for your help! i can email u the pics ..just email me at chambali@gmail.com

Happy Flour said...

Hi Cynthia,

I'm not sure when Sun Lik will replenish the egg yolk mould. Why don't you try it out one month before the Mid Autumn Festival.

Sorry, I'm not sure what kind of cookies jar you are referring to. Why don't you check with the staff in Fullerton Hotel. I'm sure they will be kind to help you out.
Happy baking! :)

Admin said...


Love to try the milo agar mooncake. What is the metal mould that u use for the filling? Available at sun lik? Can i omit it n just use the mooncake mould? If yes, what shld i do?



Happy Flour said...

Hi Eeyore,

That is a small soon kueh mould, you can get it from sun lik. You can pour the filling into plastic cup instead or into a tray then use a ring pastry cutter (size must be smaller than the mooncake mould) to cut out the circle shape.

racheal said...

Hi, why d pastry seperate with d filling when I remove it from mould? I do scratch d filling with fork before pouring d pastry. Do u have any idea?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Racheal,

Sorry for the late reply. Why don't you scratch the filling few more times or poke the filling with fork.

Yoon Siew leong said...