Friday, November 14, 2008

Tag Me

I was tagged by Kitchen Corner to write 7 facts about myself. Here come my problem. If ask me to cook or bake, I will say 'Yes' but ask me to write '???'. I have to spend few hours to draft it out. But once I get started, things just flow in. I think this is a good way for me to self-reflect. :)
And here it go:

1. I lead a busy life. 365days service for my family.
2. I love to bake. once I get started, I don't feel like stopping.
3. I learned my baking skills through trial and error (self-learn skill). I hope to take up baking lesson but my time can't fit into their schedule.
4. In baking I don't ask for perfection but I ask for satisfaction.
5. I love to eat foods that has filling in it. e.g. Xiao Long Bao (my favourite), Wan Ton, dumplings, etc..
6. I cherish what I have at present and looking forward to what should I bake for tomorrow. 知 足 常 乐
7. Life is full of up and down. I learned from each and bond even closer to my family.

I just start my blog recently so I don't have many buddy to tag on.
1. My Humble Arts
2. Those who like to join in, you are most welcome to tag along. :)

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