Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chwee Kueh


Rice Pudding (Yield about 28 puddings)
150g rice flour
20g tapioca flour
25g wheat flour
1/2tsp salt
220g water
620g hot water

1/2cup cooking oil
3gloves garlic (chopped)
7-8 shallots (chopped)
200g preserved turnip
1tsp dark soy sauce
light soy sauce, salt and sugar

1. Mix the rice flour, tapioca flour, wheat flour, salt and water in a big bowl until well combined.
2. Leave it aside for 2hrs.
3. Stir the mixture and slowly add in the hot water.
4. Continue stirring until it form a smooth batter. (*At this point, the water must be hot. If not the mixture will be watery and the starch will separate from the water. If so, just use a double-boiler to warm up the mixture and keep stirring until it form a smooth batter. *If boiling water is added, the mixture will become gluey. If so, just add some water at a time and keep stirring until it form a smooth batter.)
5. Pour the batter into greased moulds and steam at high heat for 15-20mins.
6. Set aside to cool.

1. Soak the preserved turnip for 45mins to 1hr.
2. Drain, add in the seasoning and set aside. (Season the turnip according to your taste)
3. Heat up the oil, fry the garlic and shallot until fragrant.
4. Add in the seasoned turnip and fry until slightly dry.
5. Dish up and set aside.

1. Place the turnip onto the steamed rice pudding and serve.


Eileen said...

Hi! The Chwee Kueh mould certainly look easy to use. May I know where could I get it from?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Eileen,

I bought it from 'SKP' Ang Mo Kio. They supply and sell plastic bags, disposable utensils, aluminium moulds, muffin cups, etc. They have a few branches in the neighbourhood. Maybe you can check it out.

Eileen said...


Thanks for the information, din think of that place :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Flour,
Is wheat flour = plain flour?


Happy Flour said...

Hi Andrea_liz,

Wheat flour is wheat starch or tim sum flour.