Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ji Dan Gao(鸡蛋糕)


2 egg (about 125g without shell)
65g caster sugar
75g plain flour
1tsp rice flour
1/4tsp baking powder
25g veg. oil

1. Preheat oven to 200C.
2. Grease kueh bahulu mould and preheat mould in the oven.
3. Sift flour, rice flour and baking powder together, set aside.
4. Whisk egg in a cake mixer, slowly add in sugar and whisk till thick and fluffy.
5. With a big hand whisk, fold in flour in 3 portions till well blended. (This way there will not have lump in the batter.)
6. Change to a spatula and fold oil into batter till well blended.
7. Remove preheat mould from oven and spoon batter into each cavity of mould.
8. Lightly tap mould on table top to brust the air bubbles in batter.
9. Bake for 9-10mins or until golden brown.
10.Slowly loosen the side of cake and remove it.
11.Cool cakes on wire rack.
12.With a brush or fork, remove cake stain on mould. (you may wash the mould)
13.Grease mould and preheat in oven again.
14.Repeat step no.7 to 14 till batter is used up.

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Katie Foong said...

Ji Dan GAO can be soft and springy , or hard and crispy. I like crispy ones, is this crispy?