Monday, April 23, 2012

Soon Kueh (笋糕)

From my previous posted on Soon Kueh, I had readers who tried out the recipe and had faced problem making soon kueh skin. Here, I had tried out the same recipe again and re-posted the recipe with elaborate details. Hope this helps. Wheat starch(澄面粉) was not used in this recipe so the skin is not chewy. It is the usual tradition soon kueh I used to eat when I was young.


Ingredients (yield more than 20kuehs)
250g rice flour
125g tapioca flour
550-600ml water
2tbsp oil
2tsp sugar
1/2tsp salt

600g turnip(shredded and drain away liquid)
100g carrot(shredded)
100g minced meat
50g dried shrimps(soak and chopped)
2cloves garlic(chopped)
4 shallot(chopped)

adequate salt
adequate pepper
adequate light soy sauce

1. Heat up 3tbsp of oil in a wok, fry chopped garlic and shallot till fragrant.
2. Add in chopped dried shrimp and fry till fragrant.
3. Add in minced meat and carrot and stir fry for a while.
4. Add in turnip and stir fry until slightly dry.
5. Add in seasoning to taste and mix well.
6. Dish out and set aside to cool. (Let filling sit in a sieve or colander to drain away excess liquid.)

1. Boil water, salt and sugar together in a pot. (Water must reach boiling point. Remove 50ml of water first.)
2. Add rice flour into boiling hot water, with a wooden spoon quickly mix well.
3. Add in tapioca flour and oil, mix till soft dough and no trace of lump of flour in it. (Add in some more hot water if you find that the dough is dry.)
4. Cover lid and rest for 10mins. (Allow hot steam to cook though the dough so it will turn soft.)
5. Hand knead dough for a minute or two till smooth. (Be careful as dough is still very hot.)
6. Cover dough to prevent dough from drying and turn hard. (I leave dough in pot and cover with lid.)

1. Grab some dough, knead on your palm and round it to form a round ball.
2. Flatten it on a silicon mat.
3. Roll it out into thin piece. (If you find that it too sticky, flip it over and roll the other side or lightly grease roller with oil. Don't use too much oil as you will face problem seal the opening.)
4. With a 9cm pastry cutter, cut out a round dough.
5. Wrap in filling, pinch edges to seal opening. (You can lightly wet edges when sealing.)
6. Grease steamer rack with oil.
7. Arrange kueh on steamer rack, brush surface with oil.
8. Steam in a preheated steamer over high heat for 10mins.

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Lilyn said...

The soon kueh look delicious n would like to try making it.
Can use sweet potato flour instead of tapioca flour?
Can use Glade parchment paper to line the Tefel steamer n apply extra light olive oil each time before n after steaming the soon kueh?
The ingredients can roughly make how many soon kueh?
Lastly, can brush the soon kueh with the same oil after steaming to prevent it from drying?
Thanks s lot…