Monday, April 2, 2012

Castella Cake

Recipe source from 'The Fresh Loaf'- Kasutera (Castella) cake.

Castella cake crazy filled around blogs sphere and here I am joining in too. Yesterday, I baked two Castella cakes in a day. One is this honey flavour whereas the other is green tea flavour. Both using difference methods. And I must said both taste fantastic. :)

Sigh!!! This Castella cake will be perfect if I didn't make a silly mistake. I think readers should have notice that there were lot of winkles on the cake crust. For Castella cake, cake has to invert up-side-down during the resting process whereas Green Tea Castella cake has to rest right-side-up. I had both the steps mixed up. When I realized it, OMG it too late! The surface creased and lot of winkles on it. ;(


ann low said...

Your Castella cake looks perfect! 恭喜成功!

WendyinKK said...

Wrinkles or no, it still looks nice. Good with MY cup of coffee *wink wink* Send some over please, LOL

But I know for Castella, everybody is particular about the final outlook, just like how macs should have feet or madeleines should have bump.

Joyce @ Chunky Cooky said...

This has been going around many people blogs ! I wanted to try the honey version over the weekend, but it was only then I remember the newly bought honey was being brought to office already. Sigh! Your castella looks good nevertheless!

Happy Flour said...

Hi Anncoo,

Thanks. :)

Happy Flour said...

Hi Joyce,

Thanks.:) You can use good quality maple syrup too. After all it taste like Ji Dan Gao enhance with honey flavor.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Wendy,

I agree with you too. I'm using normal loaf pan so I tried and hope to get as close as the actual castella cake which uses wooden cake ring. I think what everyone did (including myself) is to justify it is Castella cake, after all from the recipe I had tried it taste like Ji Dan Gao enhance with honey flavor. I had never tried Japan Castella Cake so not sure how it taste. From what some bloggers described, it is sweet moist and soft. I think without the final outlook it is just a usual honey sponge cake.

Anonymous said...


Both looks good to me.

May I know why green tea version has to be right side up while honey version has to be upside down? Don't quite get it.


Happy Flour said...

Hi Anonymous,

Baking cake using whisking method (Castella cake) has a higher possibility of shrinkage during cooling process than cake baked using separate egg method (Green Tea Castella Cake).