Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gula Melaka Steamed Cupcakes


Ingredients (yield 3 cups)
110g cake flour
1tsp baking powder
1 large egg
50g gula melaka (finely chopped)
4tbsp milk
1tbsp veg. oil

1. Grease three cups and set it aside.
2. Boil water in steamer and preheat greased cups.
3. Sift flour and baking powder together and set it aside.
4. With a hand whisk, whisk egg and gula melaka together till gula melaka dissolved and batter slightly thicken.
5. Mix milk into egg batter.
6. Mix flour into batter till smooth but do not over mix.
7. Lastly mix in oil till smooth.
8. Carefully remove preheated cups from steamer.
9. Pour batter into cups till 70% full.
10.Place it into steamer and steam for 15mins.
11.Carefully remove cups from steamer, remove cakes from cups and cool it on wire rack.


Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Flour,
This morning I steamed this gula melaka cupcakes for my daughter. She likes the taste but eat a little bit only because the cake a bit too dry and hard. May I check what is the texture supposed to be? Is it soft or a bit hard? Thank you. Ms. Quek

Happy Flour said...

Sorry for the late replied. The texture of this cake is slightly heavy. You can use double action baking powder to improve the texture. You may like to try Sri Meleka Cupcake, Steamed Caramel Cake or Steamed Mini Pandan Cake. They yield softer steamed cake. The above mentioned cakes are in my blog.