Monday, November 19, 2012

Paper Sponge Cake

It School Holiday and it great that I'm having a long break till next year. Sign...I still have a lot of stuffs to prepare and a long list to do for this holiday. :( Although it was very busy and tiring, coping with both my work and family but I felt good going back to work again.

Hehehe... my three gentlemen had been craving for my bakes. They had listed out quite a few bakes which they hoped I could bake during this holiday. So here I started it off with this simple paper sponge cake as a warm up exercise.

I forgotten that the paper cups is not waxed so the cake tend to stick to the paper cups and difficult to remove.

Recipe from here.


Small Small Baker said...

Happy to see your post. The cake looks very soft!

hanushi said...

Good to see your post! :) You are a great baker of cos your gentlemen will miss your bakes! :)

Smiley Baker said...

Looks good. Will try it soon.

Kimmy said...

Hi, glad to see your post. BTW, I still have a long list of your bakes to try and have some queries but daren't disturb you.

Happy Flour said...

Hi SSB, Hanushi, Smiley Baker and Kimmy,

Thanks for dropping by and leave your comment. Happy baking! ^-^

Anonymous said...

hi,for the sponge cake isit from beginning till the end also beating at high speed?how to test it fluffy.the flour is using what to mix?what is the way to mix it?after i finish mix the flour to the batter,it always be deflate alot.may i know what is the problem?can u take the photo procedure u making sponge cake?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Anonymous.

You can check out 'baking skills' under labels for whisking egg method.
I usually use balloon whisk from the cake mixer to mix in flour and switch to spatula while folding in oil.

Your eggs was not whisk to a stable stage so you will see a lot of air bubbles deflated during mixing.

Anonymous said...

i beat the egg with high speed till like ribbon stage only beat with low speed that will make the egg batter not stable ma?sometimes i beat till the trail not dissapear that means i overbeat it?when folding the flour are u using electric hand mixer?the finish batter is stil thick or bit runny?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Anonymous,

Whisk at high speed till it double in volume then reduce to medium low speed and continue to whisk till only tiny air bubble be seen.

Distract the balloon whisk from the cake mixer (not hand held electric whisk) then use it to mix in flour. The finish cake batter is thick and light (just like chiffon cake batter) not runny/watery.