Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pandan Pulot Panggang (Tradition recipe)

When I was a little girl, I remembered we had a Malay neighbour who made a lot of very delicious kuehs. Everyday she will make few types of kuehs, pack them neatly in a basket and her son would sell them around our block. I remembered that her Pulot Panggang (I named it 'Banana Leaf Green Rice') is very unusual from others. The glutinous rice is green and the fried shrimp filling has a very nice fragrant. Unfortunately, nowadays I can't find this taste anymore, I missed it so much. When I tried out my long forgotten old recipe and to my surprise the familiar nice fragrant which I missed so much is back. If I'm not wrong the special ingredient which she used to give her shrimp filling that nice fragrant is 'Kaffir Lime Leaves'.
I think this is the only keuh which I had made so far need so much time for preparation and patient. However it worth all the affect and time. I'm very contented, smiling away enjoying my Pandan Pulot Panggang. ;p Taste fantastic! I'm surprise my boys love it too.

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #12: Traditional Kueh (October 2011) hosted by Small Small Baker.


Leaf wrapper:
2pcs banana leaves

1/4cup grated white coconut
(scoop 1/4cup of coconut from Pulot ingredients 1 grated white coconut)

1 cup dried shrimp (soaked and pound till very fine)
5-6pcs Kaffir Lime leaf (teared)

3 dried chili (soaked)
2 red chili
3 bua-keras (soaked)
12 shallot
5cloves garlic
a small knob of blachan
1tsp ground coriander
1tsp ground turmeric

400g glutinous rice (soak overnight)
1 1/2tbsp pandan juice (pound 5-6blades of pandan leaves and extract juice)
1 grated white coconut
200ml water
1tsp salt
3blades pandan leaves (teared)
1/4tsp green colouring

Leaf wrapper:
1. Cut out 13-14 pieces of 6cm by 7cm rectangular banana leaves.
2. Scald in hot water till soften.
3. Dry leaves and set aside.

1. Grind all the ingredients(C) together till very fine.
2. Dry-fry (A) until browned.
3. Dish out and grind coarsely.
4. Heat up 4tbsp of oil in a frying pan.
5. Fry pounded shrimp and kaffir lime leaves till dry and fragrant.
6. Dish out and discard kaffir lime leaves.
7. Heat up 3tbsp of oil in a frying pan.
8. Fry spices until fragrant.
9. Add in pre-fry shrimp and coconut, fry till well mix and fragrant.
10.Dish out and set aside.

1. Drain soaked glutinous rice, add in pandan juice and mix well.
2. Add water into grated white coconut and extract 375ml of coconut milk.
3. Mix coconut milk and salt into pandan glutinous rice.
4. Pour into baking tin, put in pandan leaves.
5. Place in a preheated steamer and steam over medium high heat for 20-25mins.
6. Remove tin from steamer, fluffy the rice with a pair of chopstick.
7. Dilute green colouring with 1tsp of water.
8. Spoon some colouring into rice and mix lightly with a pair of chopstick.
9. Set aside to cool slightly.

1. Grease your hand with oil.
2. Spoon some glutinous rice onto a piece of clean plastic sheet and spread out rice.
3. Spoon some filling and place it in the center of the rice.
4. With the plastic sheet helps, fold rice to stick two ends together.
5. Place roll in palm and press lightly in order to firm up roll.
6. Transfer roll onto banana leaf and roll up tight.
7. Fold both ends and secure with toothpick.
8. Arrange rolls on tray and grill them at 150C for 15-20mins(turn rolls to grill the other side) till leaf is slightly brown and dry.


WendyinKK said...

this is one kuih that I will only make if I had time to kill, and lots to kill.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Wendy,

Hehehe...I know what you meant. I had spent two mornings to get this done. I really admired those olden days Nyonya ladies who had to spend who day in the kitchen making kuehs.

~Kate~ said...

我虽然喜欢吃这款糕点,但因为多工,造成懒惰去试做,通常想吃时,都是在Bangawasolo 买2条来吃而已。

Happy Flour said...

Hi Kate,

其实我也和你一样,都是在Bangawasolo 买2条来吃而已。可是都任为少了那些童年吃过的味道。

DG said...

Li Ying,
Your kuih muih are always nicely done. By looking at your pulut panggang, already make me drooling, some more you really waste the effort to wrap it with banana leaves ... it must be really fragant, while nowadays ppl selling this just anyhow wrap it with plastic. Anymore left for me to tapao :)

Happy Flour said...

Hi DG,

Thanks, I know what you meant. I find that nowadays most of the kuehs which you can find in Singapore lack of those traditional taste. Everything cut cost lah!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

This is one of my favourite childhood kuih, nowadays hardly find a good one. When I have a lot of free time to kill, I must try your recipe.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Sonia,

Hehehe...if I have a lot of free time to kill too I will make this again. You can't find this kind of taste anymore.