Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chocolate Toffee Roll

I am submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #9 - Swiss Rolling Good Times (July 2011) hosted by Obsessedly Involved with Food.


Toffee syrup:
45g brown sugar
15g butter
40g whipping cream

Toffee cream:
40g toffee syrup
100g whipping cream (whipped)

Chocolate sponge:
3 egg (separated)
50g sugar
1/2tsp chocolate paste
45g cake flour
2tsp cocoa powder
1/4tsp baking powder
40g butter (melted)

35g toasted nut (chopped)
(Use any type of nuts of your choice. I used 'Kangaroo' brand Teriyaki cashew nuts.)

Toffee syrup:
1. Pour everything into a small saucepan, cook over low fire.
2. Boil until syrup just thicken.
3. Remove from fire and set aside to cool.

Toffee cream:
1. Fold in 40g of toffee syrup into whipped cream until well blended. (You may add in more toffee syrup.)
2. Cover and chill in fridge.

Chocolate sponge:
1. Preheat oven to 200C.
2. Lined and greased a 9" by 12" tray and set aside.
3. Sift cake flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together, set aside.
4. Use a cake mixer, whisk the egg whites till frothy.
5. Gradually add in sugar and whisk till stiff peaks form.
6. Switch speed to medium and gradually add in egg yolks and chocolate paste,
whisk for another 1min until well combined.
7. Fold flour into the meringue lightly in 3 portions until well blended.
8. Lastly fold in melted butter into the batter until well combined.
9. Pour batter in the prepared tray and smooth the surface.
10.Bake in a preheated oven for 10mins.
11.Remove cake from tray and cool on a rack with the skin facing up.

Assemble the cake:
1. Carefully transfer the cake onto a greaseproof paper.
2. Spread toffee cream on sponge and scatter chopped nut around.
3. Gently roll sponge by using the paper to lift the cake and guide roll.
6. Wrap up swiss roll in a greaseproof paper.
7. Rest roll in fridge to stabilize it shape.
8. Remove, slice and serve.


WendyinKK said...

I'd love to have a slice of this, it sounds so good with toffee

ann low said...

Your chocolate roll looks so perfect and I love the toffee flavor in it. :)

Unknown said...

Yum... This looks so good!

shaz said...

That's one good looking roll :) thanks for sharing another great recipe :)

Joyti said...

OO, that looks delicious! And your roll came out so perfectly level - it looks great.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Wendyywy,

Help yourselves. :)

Happy Flour said...

Hi Anncoo,

Thanks, it taste like caramel leh! I think butterscotch and toffee taste like caramel with a touch of butter flavor in it.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Fong,

Thanks, do you want to have a slice? ;p

Happy Flour said...

Hi Shaz and Indie. Tea,

Thanks for dropping by and left your nice compliments. :)

Yummy Bakes said...

I have been seeing so many variations of swiss rolls - so neatly rolled and all look so yummy.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Yummy Bakes,

Thanks, try out this recipe and I'm sure you will love it.

ying said...

hi there! can I ask, what brand of butter do you usually use for baking?

Happy Flour said...

Hi Ying,

I don't really use any particular brand of butter. I used SCS, Lupak, Emborg, Golden Churn, etc. Mostly is unsalted butter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe, when i first time made swiss roll, face a problem, the cake was crack. any idea why the cake is crack? should i roll the cake and apply the cream while the cake is still hot? i'm using the separate sponge cake method to do the swiss roll. thanks. AW

Happy Flour said...

Hi Anonymous,

The cake crack during rolling or after baked? If you spread the cream and roll it while it hot, the cream will melt and the roll will be soggy.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply. I'm roll the cake when it still hot. i wait till the cake cool down and unroll it to apply cream, it started crack. I put the cake under fan, would it be the reason the cake getting dry? can i cool down cake under fan? Usually when i making cake, i'll on the fan. many thanks for your tips. Fr AW

Happy Flour said...

Hi AW,

I don't like this pre-roll method, once you rolled and unroll it again it will sure crack. Just leave the sponge to cool naturally. The sponge will tend to become dried when cool directly under fan.

Anonymous said...

many thanks for your tips. I'll try again and let you know the result. :) fr: AW

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Flour

I have tried your way to roll the cake,yes! it didnt crack. Many thanks for your advice. Fr AW