Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kee Zhang (粽子)

It been ages I didn't make dumpling. So I started it off with this kee zhang, which is very basic. I'm very happy that everything turn out very well. I used 1kg of glutinous rice and it yielded 39 small dumplings. 39 dumplings wrapped and cook, 39 dumplings nicely cooked and I'm extremely happy. Hooray...success! :)


茵茵 said...

I like kee chang too, but I like to eat mine with kaya! That's what I am planning to do this year!

Sally said...


Small Small Baker said...

Wow, you know how to make dumplings too! So good!

Cheah said...

It's a reminder that the dumpling festival is just round the corner. Your dumpling looks well done. I've still got to learn how to wrap up one.

Tracy Low said...


Happy Flour said...

Hi 茵茵,

I preferred to eat it with palm syrup however I forgotten to buy.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Sally,


Happy Flour said...

Hi Small Small Baker,

Thanks! :) Hehehe...too long didn't make dumpling already, lucky I still remember the tactic.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Cheah,

Thanks, it need patient and lot of time preparing and wrapping. It wise to learn from the elder.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Tracy Low,


Kimmy said...

Last year, my Mum and I did make kee chang for Dumpling Festival. This year we won't be making cos' my Pa passed away. It's a belief that the family cannot wrap dumplings before 1 year has passed or you'll be tying his arms and legs. Kee Chang dipped in Kaya is nice.

Happy Flour said...

Hi Kimmy,

Sorry to hear that. I heard that belief too. Last year my mother-in-law didn't wrap dumpling too as my hubby grandma passed away. This year I double checked with her whether can we wrap dumpling and she nodded. So glad!

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Flour,

I hv been following your blog and I must say I like yours alot.

I hv 1 out of the topic question. Do you hv any idea how many tbsp/tsp is 1 gelatine sheet? Do these sheets hv the same weight or it varies?



Happy Flour said...

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for your prompt support. Sorry, I had never used gelatin sheet before so I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...


can u pls provide me ur recipes for kee chang..

im trying tomake some tis yr for my hubby n children..

my email


Happy Flour said...

Hi Elaine,

It very simple ingredients. Dissolved 40g kee (Sorry, I don't know what the actual name for this yellow small stone like stuff. You can get it from wet market or provision shop.) in about 1cup of hot water and soak washed 1kg of glutinous rice with kee liquid over night, water must cover over rice just like cooking rice. Drain rice and wrapped with pre-soaked bamboo leaves. When you tie the dumpling it can't be too tight or too loose. Too tight the dumpling will be hard, if too loose it will burst open during cooking process. Cook in boil hot water for 2 1/2hrs at medium high heat.

You can hop onto 'Table for Two or more...' blog to check on her recipe on Kee Zhang (Alkaline Dumpling). She used alkaline water instead of kee.